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The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has asked state officials to make sure all of the grounding work for the 15.6 lakh houses is done by 31st March 2022, the houses are being constructed as part of the housing scheme launched by the state govt. The CM of AP held a special video conference with District Collectors, SPs & other officials from his Tadepalli Camp Office on Wednesday 2nd February and made clear his intent to have officials make sure the ground work is laid by the end of March this year.

The state govt. has decided to control construction costs by setting up brick manufacturing units within the layouts allotted for the construction of houses under this scheme to save transportation charges. Costs will also be reduced by purchasing cement & steel at subsidised rates. Officials were ordered by the CM to sanction house sites to eligible beneficiaries within 90 days of application submission. Officials were also instructed to focus on the One-Time Settlement (OTS) scheme launched by the state govt. by conducting special camps to hand over the registration documents to the receiving beneficiaries.

The Chief Minister also addressed the grievances faced by users on the Spandana portal, he said that the portal has been updated & petitions can now be tracked. The CM continued and told the collectors to review the progress of filed petitions at lease two times a week. The CM told the collectors to focus on pending petitions and find out why the petitions haven’t been resolved sooner. Collectors were asked to ensure that the petitions filed on the Spandana portal be resolved effectively & efficiently.

The CM of AP noted that there had been 11% of petitioners who filed a petition for the second time & asked the collectors to focus on why the petitioners were not satisfied with the terms the first time. Collectors were ordered to visit RDO offices a minimum of 3 times every month to review and solve issues pertaining to revenue, lands, village/ward secretaries & development activities.

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