10 Acres Agriculture land for sale yellakonda, Shankarpally Hyderabad Mehtab Khan Guda Farmland

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10 Acres Agriculture Land for sale on Vikarabad Road, near Shankaraplly is ready to sell call 9000533026

Clear titile agriculture land useful for HMDA ploting and development / Villa Construction

Zone: Agriculture Zone

Price: 5 Crores per acre. Negotiable

Facing: Highway Facing to 500 mts

Shankar pally is the next upcoming Hot Investment place in Hyderabad. TS Government has lifted 111 GO in Hyderabad surrounding area now all these area land prices are went to High.

What is Agriculture Land?

Agricultural land, also known as farmland or farm land, refers to land that is used for agricultural purposes, such as cultivating crops, raising livestock, or engaging in other agricultural activities. It is a vital resource for food production and plays a crucial role in supporting the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide.

Characteristics of Agricultural Land:

  1. Cultivation: Agricultural land is used for growing crops and plants that produce food, fiber, or other agricultural products. Different types of crops can be cultivated on the land, including cereals, fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, and cash crops.
  2. Livestock Grazing: In addition to crop cultivation, agricultural land may be used for raising livestock, such as cattle, sheep, poultry, or other animals used for dairy or meat production.
  3. Fertility: Good agricultural land is characterized by its soil fertility and suitability for supporting plant growth. Fertile land contains essential nutrients and minerals necessary for crop production.
  4. Irrigation: Many agricultural lands require irrigation to supplement natural rainfall and provide water to crops during dry periods. Irrigation systems may include canals, wells, pumps, or other water management methods.
  5. Land Holdings: Agricultural land can be owned by individual farmers, agricultural cooperatives, corporations, or the government. The size of land holdings can vary from small family-owned plots to large-scale agricultural estates.
  6. Land Use and Crop Rotation: Farmers practice crop rotation and land-use planning to maintain soil fertility, prevent soil erosion, and manage pest and disease issues effectively.
  7. Agricultural Practices: Farming practices on agricultural land can range from traditional methods to modern, technology-driven approaches, depending on the region and available resources.
  8. Environmental Impact: Sustainable agricultural practices aim to minimize the negative impact on the environment, promote biodiversity, and conserve natural resources.
  9. Economic Importance: Agriculture contributes significantly to the economy of many countries, providing food security, employment opportunities, and income generation for rural communities.

It is important to note that agricultural land is a finite and valuable resource. Encouraging sustainable farming practices, preserving farmland from urban development, and promoting efficient land use are essential to ensure food security and the well-being of future generations. Many countries have regulations and policies in place to protect agricultural land and promote responsible land use for the benefit of both present and future generations.


Address: shankarpally
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  • Property ID 7313
  • Price Rs.60,000,000
  • Property Type Agriculture Land
  • Property status For Sale
  • Land area 48,400 SqYards
  • Label Sale
  • No. of Floors 1
  • Floor No. 1

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