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Telangana Registers 136% Growth in Stamp Duty & Registration Charges

Telangana recorded the highest jump of any state in India in stamp duty & registration charges
(SD&RC) in the financial year 2021-22. The state had a growth of 136% in revenue collection
from stamp duty & registration charges during FY22, Telangana collected ₹12,375 crores in
SD&RC, up from ₹5,245 crores it collected during FY21. Telangana state contributed for 7% of
the whole country’s revenues from SD&RC as per a study by Motilal Oswal Financial Services.
Telangana ended up 5 th among 27 states & UT J&K in the list of total revenue collected via
The state of Maharashtra recorded the highest collection from SD&RC of ₹35,600 crores for
FY22, which is a significant increase compared to its SD&RC revenue collection amount of
₹25,430 crores FY21. Maharashtra had a nearly 40% increase YoY in revenue collection in
FY22 compared to FY21. Maharashtra’s collection alone accounted for 21% of the total revenue
collection through SD&RC in India. India’s total revenue collection through SD&RC for FY22
was ₹1,71,150 crores, which is a 34% increase from its SD&RC revenue collection for FY21
which was ₹1,27,800 crores.
The average monthly SD&RC revenue collection in India during FY21 was ₹10,650, whereas
during FY22, the average monthly SD&RC revenue collection in the country jumped to ₹14,270
crores. Telangana had the 3 rd highest contribution to the country’s SD&RC revenue collection at
7% in FY22 behind Uttar Pradesh. The Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir had the highest
growth in revenue collection after Telangana with an 88% increase in SD&RC collections during
Only 4 states across India recorded a decline in SD&RC revenue collections during FY22.
Assam’s figures of SD&RC collection are – from ₹280 crores in FY21 to ₹160 crores in FY22,
which is a drop of 43%. Meghalaya’s SD&RC collections dropped by 32% from ₹32 crores in
FY21 to ₹22 crores in FY22. Manipur had a decline of 8% in SD&RC from ₹9 crores in FY21 to
₹8 crores in FY22. Odisha also reported a decline of 18% in its SD&RC collections from ₹2,945
crores in FY21 to ₹2,410 crores in FY22.
Industry experts however, believe that the performance of FY22 repeating during the current
financial year FY23 is improbable because expectations are that the residential market will not
grow at the pace it did during FY22. The growth rates for the previous 2 fiscal years was around
15% but considering the facts that interest rates have saturated, fiscal incentives have expired,
inflation is rising, input costs on the rise & economic uncertainty mean the growth during FY23
is expected to be slightly less than the previous 2 financial years.

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